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We are suppliers of DIY Underfloor heating Mats, under carpet, under laminated wood, undertile heating, Analogue, Digital and Programmable thermostats in South Africa.Our range of energy saving thermostats helps to run your underfloor heating system economically and effectively. Our undertile heating system is very easy to install and you just need to follow a few simple steps for a successful installation. Delivery countrywide, ie. Johannesburg, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, etc.

Analogue Thermostat HA302

Our analogue electronic thermostat can be flush mounted or surface mounted( fixed onto wall surface with 3 prong plug attached). Can be connected with a probe for wooden floors. Very versatile. Max amps - 16amps

Digital Thermostat HA308

The digital thermostat can be used for dual purpose, air sensor as well as floor ( laminate wood ) sensor. Floor sensor means a probe is attached measuring temperature underneath the wood, thereby ensuring temperature does not exceed 28 degrees.It needs to be flush mounted, so a box needs to be prepared for it(eg in pic).

Programmable Digital Thermostat HA308

Our MOST economical and cost effective thermostat. It can be programmed with 4 settings per day for 7 days which rolls over every week until you reset. It can be set to lower temp when no one is home and set to higher temp when you return, etc. Our Programmable comes highly recommended to help save on energy consumption.

Energy saving thermostat underfloor heating Under floor heating thermostats undertile heating price

 Thermostat Prices

Analogue HA302 - R400

Digital HA308 -R600

Programmable - R800

High Tech - R1500

 We manufacture custom made heating mats for industrial use, like oil drums, pipes and residential purposes as well as Mosques, Churches, etc.

Did you know?

Our energy saving thermostats will give you comfort only when you need it.

Underfloor Heating is the cheapest, healthiest and most  effective form of heating for your home.

To assist with consumption costs, ensure your home is well insulated


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Underfloor heating wires elements

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Instructions for DIY underfloor heating.

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High Tech Thermostat

Ultra slim “one key” design,with the latest infrared motion sensing technology, automatically detects approach of human body.The elegant panel has eco-energy saving mode ,reducing consumption costs.Fully programmable.